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Head Supervisor

As a Head Supervisor at Janatha Sanwardana Bank, you will play a pivotal role in leading and supervising our dedicated team of banking professionals. You will be responsible for ensuring smooth operations, exceptional customer service, and compliance with regulatory standards within the bank.


In the role of an Accountant at Janatha Sanwardana Bank, you will play a vital role within our finance team, responsible for maintaining the precision and effectiveness of financial transactions and reporting. Your responsibilities encompass overseeing financial records, creating financial statements, and actively supporting the bank’s financial well-being.

Field Inspector

As a Field Inspector at Janatha Sanwardana Bank, you will play a crucial role in our operations, ensuring adherence to bank policies and procedures across various locations. Your role involves conducting on-site inspections, audits, and assessments to maintain quality and compliance standards.

Insurance Agent

As an Insurance Agent at Janatha Sanwardana Bank, you will play a crucial role in our insurance division, assisting customers in understanding and selecting appropriate insurance products to meet their unique needs. Your responsibilities include educating clients, selling insurance policies, and providing exceptional service to ensure customer satisfaction.

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